ТРК TOKHEIM Quantium 310 CNG


A faster, safer fuelling experience combined with high quality componentry is at the heart of Tokheim’s Q310 CNG dispenser. A truly modular dispenser, the Q310 CNG allows for a variety of nozzle alignments for either

trucks or light vehicles. Our local sales and service divisions have the knowledge and experience to help enable you to choose a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) solution that’s right for your business.

Quantium 310 CNG

Our Q310 CNG dispenser is a ‘H-type’ design with a simple, but effective hanging hose system for ease of use. You can choose from island oriented (on the side of the dispenser for use from both lanes) 1 or 2 hoses, to allow for easier fuelling and quicker throughput. A powerful compressor with up to 50kg/min flow-rate ensures a fast and reliable service for your customers.


The dispenser’s performance is optimised through a range of exceptional components: An Endress-Hauser mass flow meter, Staubli &

Weh nozzles and Tokheim’s renowned WWC Electronic Calculator. We provide you with specialist CNG ATC (Automatic Temeprature Compensation) technology to optimise the tank pressure and help maximise the storage capacity. This outstanding level of componentry provides the most accurate CNG dispensing solution we’ve ever created.



Tokheim’s CNG dispensers are designed last longer even in toughest of conditions. This robust dispenser is only dispatched to your site after rigorous testing at Tokheim’s world-renowned Quality Manufacturing Centre. The Q310 CNG dispenser comes with panels that are made up of treated powder-painted aluminium cladding – providing long lasting life, in the harshest conditions.




In the fuel retailing industry, safety is paramount. You can have peace of mind that by choosing Tokheim’s Q310 CNG dispenser you are investing in an extremely safe and reliable piece of equipment. It is in full

compliance with international and local metrologies requirements (incl. NMi OIML R139), and it benefits from rigorous testing methodology at CIRRUS COMPRESSORS dedicated testing facilities.

Safety and Regulations

The Q310CNG dispenser is designed to fully comply with Safety, environmental and W&M standards.

This dispenser is delivered with the following certifications:

  • EC Marking
  • ATEX & PED approvals
  • NMi (OiML R139)
  • LNE for France
  • (Other Country specific weights and measures upon national request)
  • Modular hose hanging system
  • Ambient temperature range -20°C to +40°C
  • Re-connectable break-aways
  • WEH TK-17 Nozzles (by default)
  • Emergency stop button
  • Data configuration by console or by remote control
  • LED Backlight LCD (amount, volume, pricing)
  • Provide complete support for EPOS protocols (including IFSF)
  • Battery-protected memory for security in the event of power failure
  • Power supply: 3 phase + N, AC 50 Hz, 10 A, 400/230 V, +10% -15%
  • Coriolis mass-flow meter from Endress-Hauser
  • 200 to 260 bars inlet pressure
  • Temperature compensation system
  • Solenoid valves
  • Standard Refill duration ≤ 3 min (for a light vehicle)
  • 1 to 3 inlet lines
  • Dead-man push button
  • Additional slave screen
  • Fire & Tilt sensors
  • Large range of nozzle (such as Staubli GMV-09, PW CT5000…) and hose type
  • Heater for colder environments
  • Fleet Management system (DiaLoG)

As Tokheim regularly improves its products in line with evolving market and regulatory requirements, it reserves the right to change any of the specifications of these products without prior notice.